My Photography

I have been an amateur photographer for some time. Years ago I started out with Minolta SRT 101 which was a completely manual 35 mm film camera and did much of my own darkroom work. Today I use several cameras but my main one is a Canon T3i. I do a majority of my work with it, including video. I also use for video a JVC Everio 1080p HD Camcorder, and a Nikon L28 pocket point and shoot camera. The Nikon has been great because of its small size which allows me to just stuff it in a pocket and go. It takes excellent photographs and shoots good 720p HD video. Recently I have traded in the JVC for a Sony Camcorder. I found the JVC video formats too difficult to work with and have traded it in for a Sony cx220 HandyCam. Also added recently is a GoPro Hero 3 video camera which I will use in the future for some videos.

Much of the video shot here will be with the Canon T3i in manual mode at 1080p 24 fps sometimes with a Rode Professional VideoMic. Using a Glidcam helps create smoother motion with the T3i.

Someone asked me the other day about why I have three different cameras, why didn’t I have one that did everything? In a sense I do. The Canon T3i will do everything I would want a camera to do but it is a large camera which is difficult to carry all the time. The other issue has been that for video to get the results I want I have to use manual settings which require more work and planning. A smaller lighter camera like the Nikon L 28 is small pocket size camera which takes excellent photos and does a good job on video so while hiking or for just in general moments its nice to have it in my pocket. It will be my go to camera while traveling in Ireland this spring. I like to travel very light and carting the Canon with all of its accessories just will not work.

For my trip to Ireland I was traveling lght so I brought with me a GoPro Hero 3+ and a Panasonic Lumix.


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