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Blasket Islands

Blasket Islands

The Blasket Islands from the Slea

Lighthouse B & B Dingle, Ireland

IMAG0448The Lighthouse B & B Dingle, Ireland

I will swear by the Bed and Breakfast when traveling around Ireland. There are many to choose from and the B & B system is very easy to use. When traveling check the areas you plan on staying over for the local B & Bs. Many may be located in the heart of the town and some may be just outside of the town. When deciding on B & Bs remember the following. A five start rating system is used to rate the B & B if it is a 4 or a 5 star home you are going to be assured of some excellent quality. There are some things you should know about this. Despite the ratings there are some thing which travelors from the US may not be accustomed to. Typically rooms in Irish or European homes in general are smaller than ours. Bathrooms may also be somewhat smaller than we are used to, this includes the showers. I found the B & B showers to be rather cramped. Beds were typically very comfortable and standard in sizes that we are accustomed to.

Where they really shine is in the hospitality. The owners are in business to make travelers happy and they will go out of their way to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Ac the name says its bed and breakfast. Hospitality, breakfast served on china with silverware and cooked personally for you. Mena House in Kilkenny, Katherine Molloy’s skinny pancakes with sweet cheese filling and a strawberry compote sauce were outstanding. The Lighthouse in Dingle, Ireland and their scrambles eggs with smoked salmon with coffee prepared in an individual french press were two of the really memorable breakfasts.