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St. Stephens Green

St. Stephens Green

St. Stephens Green is one of the larger parks in Dublin. In midevil times it was a town square where much of the city’s activities were located. Today it is a place to relax and walk around. There are many gardens and grassy areas. Its a great place to people watch and just take in some sun if you are lucky enough to be there on a sunny day. The park closes at sundown everyday.


Irish Road Signs

Irsih Road Signs

These can be confusing. One of the downsides or driving in Ireland is their signage. Signs are often inconsistent depending on where you are in the country. This one in the western part of the country in Dingle shows a fairly typical intersection sign, actually a roundabout which are common throughout the entire country.

Traditional Irish Music

This video was shot at Matt the Millers on April 9th, 2014.

Many of the pubs will have music at times during the week. In the spring before the “high” season when tourists crowd into Ireland the schedule of who is playing where is often published and the local B & B operator will most likely know what the schedule is. Staying in a B & B will give you more of an idea of what an Irish home is like. Most of the time the homes are simply furnished and very comfortable. Sometimes the rooms may be a little small but I found them always to be comfortable with nice beds. Get to know your owner they can be extremely helpful and is typical with the Irish they will be more than happy to engage in conversation.

Ireland Museum of Archeology, Dublin

Ireland Museum of Archeology, Dublin

The museum is free and has a wealth of information about the history of Ireland. You can expect to spend a half a day here easily. I enjoyed this stop much mre than I did Dublin Castle.

Trinity University

Trinity University



There are several things I have learned about Dublin and the Irish in just one day here. First this city is a thriving city which is extremely diverse and active. The Irish have one of the highest per capita incomes in Europe and even surpass Britain. It shows here, the Irish spend money in their shopping districts which seem to be doing very well. The Irish are becoming more fashion conscious which is evident everywhere, from TV and magazines to the street. The food while it used to be some of the worst in Europe is now some of the best with more fresh ingredients and health food. Meat and potatoes are still here but you find many more healthy options on the menus.

Go Pro Hero 3

Go Pro Hero 3