Air travel

The agent I worked with recommended I go ahead and make reservations for the air fare. Booking way in advance will often get you some good air fares and lock in the price. I am traveling from Cincinnati which does not have direct flights ot Dublin so a connection was inevitable. It takes tie to do this to get the best flights and the lowest fares so planning is important. I finally settles on a flight from Cincinnati to Washington Dulles and with a relatively short 1 and a half hour layover hopping an overnight flight to Dublin getting in at 9:30 am on Monday morning. A little over night rest and should be able to do some things on Monday. The return was set for a week later on Monday traveling from Shannon Ireland to Newark International. I am from New Jersey and thought I could always make a short trip to my home on the Jersey shore and visit my brother.

Once the reservations were made and the span of the trip defined I could now fill in the details with the agent who had some excellent suggestions. This was being planned five months in advance so there was plenty of time to make the auto and B&B reservations which is what I wanted instead of hotels. The trip was to be in April and  wanted the whole trip ironed out by Christmas. Next would be the lodging and auto.


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