Adventure across the pond.

I have wanted to travel in Europe for a long time now. I decided that now was the time. I am 64 years old and its no telling how many years I have left to travel on long journeys. Hopefully for a long time. I have traveled to the Caribbean and Mexico pretty extensively but Europe has eluded me. I decided that my first trip would be to Ireland. There were several reasons why I chose Ireland. First its an English speaking country and although I speak Spanish and Italian I thought that Ireland would be a beautiful country to go to. Another reason is that traveling to Great Britain who be relatively economical compared to some other European countries. The third reason for Ireland is that I have some family history associated with Ireland. This of course is of special interest for me. Once I decided I was going to go it was then a matter of figuring out when and where I wanted to go in Ireland and just how I was going to accomplish that.

My first thought was that a tour group might be good but personally I like to have some freedom and I enjoy the thrill of being on my own and explore as I see fit. As I read through group tours it was becoming clear to me that the restrictive nature of many of the group tours just was not for me. Yet I knew I needed some guidance and I might need to have some pointers to set this trip up yet what I wanted was the ability to have a certain degree of flexibility. I spent the better part of a month reading web sites and tour guides books like Rick Steve’s book on Ireland. I like his guide books. He travels like I would like to travel and often do. His books and advise he gives allows you to experience the culture but in a way that will probably keep you out of trouble.

Eventually I settled on getting help from a tour company that specializes in setting up travel arrangements the way you want to do it. With the help of a really great agent I was able to set up the whole trip in about two weeks and I have pretty much got it set up exactly how I wanted it. What I wanted was to fly to Dublin spend a couple of days in Dublin then driving to several cities in Ireland which are highly recommended in most guide books and by my agent.

What I am going to do is outline how this process went. Keep in mind I have not yet gone to Ireland so I have no idea how this will work out but I am happy with how this went and the plan is sound. If you are planning a trip there are many ways to do it. Talk to people who have gone through the process of building a trip and the various ways it can be done. Read! Read all you can get your hands on.


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