Traveling with a pet.

Riding in the truck is a treat for my dog.

Riding in the truck is an exciting treat for my dog.

I like to travel with my rescue dog Wile E Canine. He is an excellent truck rider and generally is a good dog when we are staying overnight. Unfortunately, finding the time to get away and take him with me has been difficult. One of the things that I always try to do in take him to places where we can get out and do things. He is part husky and needs the physical activity. Many breeds require considerable activity. Know your dog and know the breed.

Food is always a concern and in my opinion it is best to bring the food that you normally feed your pet. While on the road you may not be able find the food you normally feed them which could be a problem and if your pet is finicky like mine is substituting food brands is just not an option.  Changing food brands if you need to could cause some digestive problems for the pet. I make sure I have a sufficient amount of his food and treats that I use at home and often try to bring those that are his favorites. A happy pet will be a better companion while you are away on the trip.

One thing you should know when traveling with your pet. Many hotels and motels that accept pets may require you to have a crate for your pet for use while you are not directly monitoring them. For example if you go out to dinner and leave the pet behind in the room they may require you to have a crate for that purpose.  When I travel with Wile E I always take his with me. I have a truck so it is easy for me to place it in the bed of the truck.

When I can’t take Wile E with me I have to leave him with a kennel. For me it is very important to have one that I can trust and is reputable. There were certain considerations which were of utmost importance.
1. They must love the dogs and treat them with respect and love, using positive training procedures
2. The dogs must get adequate activity everyday with both human attention and dog social time.
3. Kennel conditions are clean and sanitary.
4. Food is controlled and in accordance to my wishes.
5. The dogs get frequent “potty” breaks and their kennels are always clean.

Fortunately I have one that meets all these expectations and then some. I never worry about him and he always has a good time while I am away.


Wile E Canine after a long day of hiking. A tired dog is a happy dog.
Photo: Canon T3i manual settings no flash


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